Two scientists in Tehran were targeted with a similar weapon and its use in New Delhi is seen as a way for Unit 400 to signal that it was taking revenge.
These operations, a 53-page dossier passed to Sky says, were all allegedly conducted by Unit 400 alongside locally recruited "facilitators".
There is some scepticism among intelligence agencies as to the extent to which Iran would be involved in 'terror' attacks which went beyond very focused operations such as those which have been blamed on Tehran this year.
But the dossier insists: "The overall picture is one of an organisation which reaches out across the globe to commit carefully planned terror attacks of its own accord, as well as to arm proxy groups that will do so on its behest."
Turkey cut military and economic ties to Israel last year in protest over the killing of several peace activists by Israeli commandos on a Turkish ship attempting to break the blockade of the Gaza strip.
But earlier this month Turkish television claimed that Israel's foreign spy agency, the Mossad, had written to the Turkish government warning of an impending attack sponsored by Iran.
In London Turkish embassy officials said they would be checking the latest intelligence reports in Ankara but could not comment further on the allegations.