Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

More news from Japan , none good....

“Foreign dosemeters are banned to sell”

A Japanese citizen tweeted a shop said they are no longer allowed to sell foreign dosemeters.

My geiger counter got out of order, went to the shop to repair. They said, they can no loger sell foreign geiger counters from the order of Japanese government. Government says, foreign geiger counters are not accurate, may cause panic. I wonder what they will do for the geiger counters that have already been bought by normal people. They also said it was ordered backstage. I’m scared of Japan, feel like I’m being killed quietly.

I wonder the shop is under surveillance because they seem to have a strong pipe with foreign makers. Just after 311, geiger counters were out of stock all over Japan but only that shop had stock. I’m sorry because I wanted to buy a better one made in “a” country. I don’t want to disturb the shop, so will delete this tweet soon.

After 311, a lot of the dose meters were donated by variety of countries, but still over 40,000 of them are missing.
To measure beta and alpha ray, we need to buy foreign brands.


Tokyo vice-governor suggests Fukushima conscription

Mr. Inose the vice-governor of Tokyo suggested conscription system on Twitter.

At the end of the NHK TV program Hakunetsu class, we talked about the justice of landsknecht and conscription. We can’t think about it as reality because Japan is not supposed to have a war, but as a matter of fact, Fukushima is in the war state, currently sub-contract workers are there like landsknecht. However, Fukushima is a national problem. We all Japanese must face it and try to settle down.

Tepco reduces press conference

Tepco announced that they are going to stop press conference on Sunday, holiday and morning of every weekday from 3/19/2012.
It’s becoming more difficult to get information about the plant situation.
Tepco explains that is because they don’t have so much to announce twice a day, and now it’s not in the short term program, but a long term program.
However, it is not explained why now.
Even though they don’t have anything to release, we have to much to ask. Because they don’t answer the queries by phone or email, the situation of the plant will be more concealed.


Temperature of reactor 2 increased by 11℃ within a week

Tepco changed their data format to release on 3/16 11:00 for some reason.
However, from the parameter data they release, it is observed that reactor 2 is being heated again.
The places is called vissel bottom above skirt jot. It was 56.7℃ on 3/13, but it’s 68℃ on 3/19. (↑11.3℃)
2012/3/13 6:00 56.7
2012/3/14 6:00 57.5
2012/3/15 6:00 58.4
2012/3/16 6:00 59.8
2012/3/17 6:00 61.1
2012/3/18 6:00 64.9
2012/3/19 6:00 67.9
012/3/19 11:00 68.0

temperature of reactor2 increasing

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