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So much for the urban legend of the lazy greeks versus the hard working germans paying for greek pensions , holidays and early retirements.....another stereotype explodes before our eyes...


Man received 745 000 € for 14 years of inaction

An administrative employee in Menden Sauerland has caused a stir with his farewell email. He criticized the fact that he systematically tasks were withdrawn and he had nothing more to do.
Sleeping man with newspaper over face
© Beyond / beyond photohad nothing more to do an administrative clerk in Menden - that he claimed at least in his last e-mail before his retirement
€ 745 000 for doing nothing - so you could sum up the criticism of a surveyor from Menden shortly. Because he is 65 in MarchOf age, reached after 14 years service he was now retired. As a parting of the administrative staff sent an e-mail that provides vortices.
"Since 1998, I was only here but not there. So I'm going so well prepared to retire." So writes the former employee of the town of Menden. In his farewell email that went on around 500 staff, he slams the administration and the city.
Were systematically deprived of all his duties and parallel structures have been created. Even a new employee was hired. The freedom that came by him have the benefit, of course, well he used, the 65-year-old. His remuneration of € 745 000, he received yet.
However, the man had not expected that the electronic letter leaked to the public. He now wants to say no more. The local newspaper Westfalen-mail he said simply: "I would not comment further, the mail was not intended for the public media.."

Man turned to criticism never Staff

In an e-mail responded Mayor Volker Fleige with "lack of understanding and a good dose of anger" on the electronic goodbye. The letter was lacking any fairness and decency, so Fleige. The post-Westphalia, he said: "I find the behavior of character very worrying."
According to Post-Westphalia, the surveyor had never complained to the Staff. Even after the transfer of the department chair more than two years the man had not expressed his criticism.
But the sender of the mail can honestly critical farewell to retire: According to Mayor Fleige will be no sanctions against him. Said they took an exam. And his position is not filled, due to an austerity package in Menden because there is a lock for re-occupation.

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