Senin, 02 April 2012

For readers from Japan , heed this warning....

Japan Meteorological Agency's Highly Unusual Storm Warning on TV: "Don't Go Outside"

The warning comes from the government agency that prohibited its own researchers from disclosing any information regarding the dispersion of radioactive materials right after the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. Many on Twitter are saying, "Why didn't they say the same thing on March 15 and 21 last year and warn us about radioactive plumes from Fukushima?"

Well, the answer is easy. Because issuing warnings about radioactive material dispersions was not in their job description. It still isn't.

Anyway, a highly unusual low is about to sweep through entire Japan from the Japan Sea side, and the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) decided to hold a press conference which was broadcasted on TV to warn people in the evening of April 4.

From NHK News (4/2/2012):

About the low pressure system, the Japan Meteorological Agency held an emergency press conference in the evening of April 2, and warned that a storm wind may blow in Kanto and other areas affecting the transportation, and that people should refrain from going outside during the period of strong wind.


Hiroyuki Uchida, chief forecaster at the Agency explained, "The low-pressure system will rapidly grow tomorrow as it moves in the northeastern direction over the Japan Sea. It is expected to pass through the northern Japan. It is very rare for a low-pressure system to grow this big over the Japan Sea."風がピークになる時間帯は、近畿や東海・北陸では3日午後から夕方にかけて、関東甲信などでは3日午後から夜にかけて、東北では3日午後から4日にかけてと予想され、北海道も3日夜にかけて風が強まる見込みです。

The period of the strongest storm wind is expected to be from the afternoon till the evening on April 3 in Kinki, Tokai, and Hokuriku regions, and from the afternoon till night on April 3 in Kanto and Koshinetsu regions. It will be from the afternoon of April 3 till April 4 in Tohoku. Hokkaido mayl experience stronger wind toward the night on April 3.


Mr. Uchida said, "The wind speed in Kanto is expected to be 25 meters per second, which is almost like a typhoon wind. We expect the wind to be stronger than in the last weekend. In particular, from 6PM to 9PM, it is possible that the wind will be so strong that people may get knocked down by the wind. Transportation may be affected as it may be dangerous to drive a car. So tomorrow, take ample precaution by going home earlier than usual, or by not going out unless it is necessary to do so."
JMA satellite image, water vapor:

Storm warning has been issued to Hamadori (coastal 1/3) of Fukushima Prefecture, where Fukushima I Nuke Plant is located.

Warnings issued for Futaba-machi and Okuma-machi say (from the JMA site, in Japanese):
Storm warnings: wind up to 28 meters per second on the ocean
Wind direction: from south
Peak hours: evening of April 3
High waves advisories: 8 meters

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