Kamis, 05 April 2012

Items of interest - The Telegraph liveblog...

08.34 Another €20.27bn in Greek bonds will be exchanged next week as part of the country's bond swap, said the finance ministry this morning in a statement:
QuoteThe Hellenic Republic today announced its intention to complete on April 11 the exchange of an aggregate principal amount of 20.27 billion euros.
There's still a small minority of investors who refuse to take part in the swap, but a deadline for participation has now been extended to April 20.
12.01 It's not just the UK: a sharp slump in German industrial output in February has fuelled concern that the biggest economy in Europe is headed for recession. Data compiled by the economy ministry show it fell by 1.3pc, pulled lower by slow construction activity as a result of cold winter weather. Analysts had been expecting a decline of only 0.5pc.
11.35 More anti-austerity protests are planned in Athens today, following last night's demonstration which erupted after an elderly man committed suicide near to the country's Parliament building, claiming he was distraught at the prospect of "looking in the garbage to feed myself". We'll bring you more news on those protests as we have it.
11.04 You may recall that the Swiss National Bank set an artificial limit for the franc against the euro in September. As the crisis deepened in the eurozone people flocked to the stable Swiss currency, threatening to send it soaring and make exports difficult.
To police that, the bank said it would use "unlimited" resources to keep it in check. Unfortunately the franc just rose to a seven-month high against the euro, past the 1.2 franc limit that was set. One euro will currently set you back 1.199 Swiss francs.

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