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Summing up Fukushima ( with the exception that the spent fuel pool was omitted and its associated problems being one good quake away from being a complete clusterfuck ) MSNBC on Reactor No. 2: It is beyond human capability, “problem gets worse and worse and worse” — The really bad news is this is the good news, as they can’t even determine what is going on at Reactors No. 1 and 3

Title: Video: How do you solve a nuclear disaster?
Source: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show
Date: April 6, 2012
Transcript Summary At 5:30 in
  • You want the fuel to be covered with water to keep it cool and shield radiation
  • Expected 33 feet, only 2 feet of water in reactor
  • That’s very, very bad
  • A symptom that something is very wrong
  • It is also a cause of yet more going wrong there… There’s nothing shielding the radiation that’s coming out of that fuel
  • The current plan is to invent something new that doesnt exist yet
  • The thing that does not exist that can allow us to even try to fix this problem
  • The thing that we could imagine might be useful to fix this problem, we’re going to have to invent
  • While the problem gets worse and worse and worse
  • It is beyond human capability
  • The really bad news is this is the good news… can’t even get near
  • They can’t even go near No. 1 and 3 to inspect
  • Nuclear problems are problems we don’t know how to fix
h/t PoorDaddy

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